About Us

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Erik: 47 years old; from Southwestern Pennsylvania, transplanted to California in 1988, and again transplanted to Southern Virginia in 2015. Educated as an electrical engineer, but found web site design to be more fun. When we moved to Virginia, and my contract with a California company expired, we chose not to renew. The house needed minor remodeling, the boat we bought needed refitting, the jet skis required maintenance, and the yard was an actual garden. In other words, the new home was a full-time job. I’m looking forward to boat maintenance at this point – I guarantee it will be easier than what I’ve had to deal with the last three years.

Lisa: 52 years old; third generation native Northern Californian, transplanted to Southern Virginia in 2015. I work full time as a senior manager for a large healthcare company. My job is to create exceptional digital experiences on our web and mobile app so that members understand how their plan works, how much services cost, how much they owe and make it easy to pay. It’s not the easiest job, but I love it. I work as a ‘telecommuter’ out of my home office, wherever that home office will be. Today’s it’s the sun room of our house, but very soon, it’s going to be on a sailboat. With great wifi (don’t crush my dreams!)

Us: We met on social media in 2011. Twitter of all places. A mutual friend introduced us online and we started chatting. We got to know each other in 140 characters or less and knew there was more in common that just our mutual friend. Eventually we talked over the phone like normal adults and then finally met. The rest is history. Our future is in front of us and we are excited to downsize and sail off into the sunset.