Our renaming ceremony

October 20, 2018

Through rain and shine, we got Music & Lyrics logo on the boat! Of course, we messed up the placement on the port side which meant we had to order another logo and that delayed our renaming ceremony, cutting it close to when we needed to get off the dock and get to warmer climates.

We chose a traditional renaming ceremony, full of lore and drama, and included hats and wigs and loud music. With some good friends on board, and a dock of onlookers, we commenced the ceremony, stained her nipples red, and drank way too much. It was a perfect experience.

Below is our ceremony script. Feel free to use this as inspiration for you own renaming ceremony – or baby christening – I think they could be interchangeable.

Opening Invocation

Ring the bell

Pour everyone a drink to the TOP of their glass


Have a check made out to Music & Lyrics with memo: For anything you (or Neptune) require

Ring the bell again – and again

Ask those present to compliment the vessel with voracity and vigor – encourage them to flatter her shamelessly

Dance with glee around the boat and get others to join in – stopping at the bow

Expression of Gratitude


For it is known that each and every vessel is recorded by specific name in the Ledger of the Deep and is known personally to Poseidon, or Neptune, the God of the sea. Thus as we wish to change the name of our boat, the first logical thing that must be done is to purge its former name from the Ledger of the Deep and from Poseidon’s memory.

Supplication & Denaming

First, we bless C’attagirl as the fine vessel she is and thank the gods of the air and sea for keeping her safe whether at anchor, dock, or on the big wide open. We hereby allow the name C’attagirl to go to the everlasting sea.

Second, we offer up the virgin to cleanse away any impurities and appease the gods of air and sea. And we spare no expense. NO… this is our finest and most expensive bottle of wine. We give it willingly and not sparingly. And we hope the tipple tickles Neptune’s fancy.

Rededication & Renaming

Neptune, god of the sea, be it known that we have purged all reference to this vessel’s prior name. Every mention in the log book, the maintenance book, photos, charts, the buoy, the dinghy, jerry cans, ropes, anchor, transom and foreboard bearing its name have been hereby removed.

We ask for Neptune’s blessing to keep her safe whether at anchor, dock, or on the big wide open. We offer up the new name, and with continued blessings bestowed upon the gods of air and sea, we welcome to our world: MUSIC & LYRICS

Now – who needs a new drink??

Next up: Preparing to leave

XOXO, Lisa

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