One step back, but two steps forward

October 15, 2018 The late summer breezes sure have carried some dangerous storms to the SouthEast this season. Our latest storm, Michael, created some catastrophic conditions for the Gulf Coast and my heart goes out to all of those impacted by his fury. As the […]

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My vagina monologue

4 months ago, I got a wild idea to move (again). Those who know me know that I’m restless, and often find myself in need of change. But as the excitement mounted, I found I had no time to think this through. I mean, isn’t […]

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Sittin’ on the dock of the bay

September 22, 2018 So I realize that Mr. Otis Redding wrote this song about another Bay, way over in San Francisco, which happens to be where Erik and I are from, but as the weeks went by and we watched yachts rolling in and rolling […]

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