Nearing the finish line…

Now that the deal is coming together, Erik and I took a deep breath and made a final push to crank everything out before we head down to Florida to bring our little girl home.

This included packing and storing all non-essential items that won’t be used on the boat. My mother’s fur coats are certainly not a boat-item, nor is Erik’s racing leather jacket. So along with my wedding dress, these items are now safely stored in attic #4. We also moved Erik’s great-grandparent’s antique furniture in there, along with all of our art, and my paintings.

The kitchen now brings the phrase “Mother Hubbard’s cupboards are bare” to life, since I donated 5 boxes of pots/pans and dishes and packed up the rest of the “maybe I’ll use this at some point if we come off the water” – you know, like the rest of my Riedel stemware. I sort of broke my own rule about glass on the boat – I insisted we take two Riedel Pinot Noir glasses and 2 martini glasses. No one wants to drink fine wine and vodka out of acrylic. NO ONE. I’ll just bubble wrap the crap out of them, and only take them out when we are on the hook.

This past weekend was a flurry of activity between the packing up and disassembling furniture that we sold. But – I also got a burr up my butt on Friday night by posting an Indoor Yard Sale – “come on by”. It was chaotic, but really worth it. By Sunday night, we had everything either stored in the attic or set aside for another Indoor Yard Sale that I’ll host this coming weekend before I fly out to the boat. Ironically, the only piece of furniture we have at this point is the dining room table, which is littered with our computer equipment and we’ll keep this until the last minute before disassembling and storing. But look how organized my yard sale is?

Meanwhile, we had the survey and sea trial for our current power boat and we are proud to announce we got an “ABOVE AVERAGE” for condition. How cool is that?

Finally, we have our plane tickets in hand to boogie down South to begin the 9-ish day sail back up to Virginia. Erik will fly down to Ft. Lauderdale first thing Friday, do some provisioning and (hopefully**) set off later that day to begin the journey to Hilton Head Island, where Pascal (the current owner) will say his final goodbye to his Cattagirl, and the rest of the crew comes aboard to sail north and around Cape Hatteras.

I say **hopefully because this final week of closing the deal has been a cluster-fuck of epic proportions. Here’s a run-down of the shenanigans:

  1. The seller’s bank wouldn’t give a payoff quote
  2. The seller took off to the Keys on vacation, leaving his USCG documentation behind
  3. My loan broker tells me they can fund without the USCG documentation provided the seller signs his docs by Thursday (while on vacation), so we’ll fund on time on Friday = officially ours (by the way, if you are ever in need, contact Shana White at Just Boat Loans 757-266-4600 <- she is terrific to work with!)
  4. My bank tells me my down payment hasn’t been in my account long enough to qualify for the wire transfer (but given my long-standing history with the bank, they waive the requirement)
  5. Our first mate Rodney asked us to hire a 4th crew member (which we did as of Thursday for a Monday arrival) – welcome aboard Darrin!
  6. Delta alerts us that Erik’s flight canceled and he’s now departing almost 5 hours later. Sigh.
  7. The paperwork DOES arrive and I’m being told the loan WILL CLOSE today, but given the late hour of the day, the seller may or may not agree (until the wire transfer hits his bank)

Overall, this has been the most stressful week of all. I need a drink.


Next: Officially closing the deal and sailing the gulf stream…

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