Sales to Sails…

There is nothing more frustrating than taking inventory of all your furniture, clothes, knick knacks, and even jewelry to realize what a materialistic world we live in, how much we’ve spent on ‘stuff’, and how little it’s now worth – until you list it for sale.

Since we are renting the house out, we made it clear to the new tenants that of the 4 (yes four) attics this house has, we are keeping one for our personal items. It’s also the smallest, which means we cannot store everything in it. Rolling my eyes, can you even imagine?

Luckily, the new tenants wanted us to leave the master bedroom and guest bedroom #1 for their use. But there is still so much ‘stuff’ to get rid of. We’ve been slowly moving ‘stuff’ to three different places in the house. There’s the ‘stuff’ we will store, the ‘stuff’ we will sell, and the ‘stuff’ to give away.

This past weekend, I finished giving away the ‘stuff’ we won’t keep or sell – Erin now has about 10 pounds of wax and all the candle making equipment, and Laura (bless her heart) took 8 large bags of clothes, a big box plus 3 bags of shoes, a bunch of old handbags and belts. She’s going to distribute these to her church and other women in need. What a God send to me.

I’ve also listed quite a number of big items (and small items) on Craigslist, OfferUp, NextDoor, and Marketplace. My strategy was to only list a handful of items at a time because the chaos of replying to questions like “Is this still available” is a huge time suck. My oddest interaction with someone on social media went like this:

I have a pair of Dolce & Gabbana fashion sunglasses that I bought a couple years ago and wore twice. TWICE. So I listed them for $40 and offered to ship if someone wanted them. I had a lady ask me to measure the ear piece part. Then she asked for the curve. Then she asked me to measure just the lenses. I mean, c’mon – it’s a pair of sunglasses. So after about 10 messages back and forth – she ghosts me. Go figure.

That’s the thing about selling ‘stuff’ social media – people will contact you and then poof, they disappear. They’ll negotiate to a low price, say they’re coming over to buy the item, and just not show.

But as of right now, we’ve managed to sell:
– Old phones, golf clubs, golf cart, 2 jet skis, two beds, wakeboard, broken gold jewelry, art supplies, my executive desk/chair/rug, bar stools, kitchen table, living room couch, elliptical.

This leaves just the dining room table – and the knick-knacks. And frankly, if we can’t sell that, we’ll dismantle and store it because at this point, we now have tons of room available in the attic for storage.

For some reason, selling the elliptical was the hardest. I have no idea why that is, but it felt like truly the end of an era as we begin the new life aboard. Plus, there goes my cardio.

With all this ‘stuff’ gone, it feels like a huge weight has lifted and in its place, a certain freedom.

Cheers, Lisa

Next: We drive 950 miles to Florida for the sea trial.

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