Getting geared up!

OK, not gonna lie – I hate departing with hard earned money. I don’t think any of us who work our asses off want to just buy things for the sake of having “things”. In this case, though, many items are needed to actually live comfortably, from dishware, to man-over-board devices.

Erik and I have been doing a ton of reading, and talking to other sailors about their “must haves.” At the end of the day, security of our persons, and our dog, are the priority, so this post is going to cover a couple items that we consider critical on day one.

First, whether you have a monohull or a catamaran, rule number one must be – no glass. Period. I’ve seen too many sailors shatter a Riedel stemware full of red wine and then are left to deal with a $30 loss on top of lacerated feet. And this saddens me because I own Riedel and they are without a doubt, the VERY best stemware for drinking wine. In addition, Erik is very fond of his Schott Zwiesel whiskey glasses and is NOT happy that these will be put into storage. So what did we do?

*Cough* we bought plastic.

But not just any – really durable, highly rated, with excellent customer satisfaction. Look, I’m a LIFER with Amazon. I not only rely on Amazon to find what I need, I rely on the reviews to confirm I’m making a good choice. For both the wine and the whiskey glasses, we bought Vivocci. They arrived and felt good in our hands, and looked like real ‘glassware’. They are a bit thicker around the lip, which is to be expected, but for the price, and the fact we will never have to deal with shards of skin cutting/hard to find/impossible to remove from crevices, we made the right decision.

The second thing I want to share is the safety gear. There is a LOT of safety gear to consider. First, there are marine radios, MOB wireless kill switches, AIS redundancy systems, GPS connectors for the iPad, safety harnesses, and the list goes on and on.

Priority number one was the safety of human and canine life. We ended up buying man overboard beacons for all of us. Erik, Sparky and I will all be wearing these in the (hopefully) unlikely event one of us falls overboard. The AIS signal in the life vests are the first line of defense, however, at 12 seconds waiting for the boat to stop, the MOB backup provides a 1-second delay – yet GPS accurate, for where one of us might have gone overboard. It’s a redundancy that is well worth the expense. Life is precious.

I gotta say, I love my Amazon membership and the reality is we bought a ton of stuff for the boat during Prime Day last week. It’s all arrived and we are like kids at Christmas opening presents every time something arrives. But most importantly, I trust the research we did, the needs we have, and the fact that we have a whole community of sailors behind us verifying the value of what we’ve purchased.

When we get the boat up here to the Chesapeake, and start doing the MOB drills, we’ll put these products to the test. We will have an update at that time. Til then, I have no reason to doubt the smart purchases we made. And meanwhile, I’ll be drinking some chardonnay in my new ‘plastic’ wine glass, and Erik will enjoy his Jack in his new whiskey glass.


Next: Selling our souls.

Cheers, Lisa

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