It’s official!!

Last week we showed our home. This week, everything changes.

The lovely couple from Minnesota signed the lease and will move in on September 15!! I couldn’t be more excited for them. I think what they are doing is terrific. The husband is a Navy veteran who has recently had a calling to give back to other veterans by joining the Veterans Administration as a psychiatrist who will help treat our veterans who have PTSD. He and his wife are not sure how long they will make Hampton, VA their home, so they are renting our house until they decide. Who knows, they may want to buy our house one day!

So with this exciting development, Erik and I upped the offer for the Lagoon 440 that has the electric drives and after a very brief negotiation, the offer was accepted!! Just like that. No excessive headache, no fighting.

What’s super cool about this, besides the obvious, is that the owner, Pascal, offered to sail her with Erik from Ft. Lauderdale to Hampton after escrow closes. How fantastic is that? New boat owners typically need a year or two to learn all the quirks about their new-to-them boat, and in our case, Erik is going to get a crash course with the owner for the 5 or so days it’ll take to sail her up the Atlantic next month. They’ll be a crew of 4 – Erik, Pascal, Rodney (a very close friend and sailor) and one of Rodney’s sail buddies.

My motto in life has always been “everything happens for a reason” – and I guess this is all true for us. It was 7 weeks to the day when we decided to downsize our life and become live-aboards and see the world. 7 weeks. That is all. And in a matter of weeks we will be on our way. With the wind flying through our hair, the sun on our face, and excitement in our heart.

Next: The adventure begins.

Cheers, Lisa

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