Waiting Impatiently

Last week, we listed the house. This week, we fight impatience!

Well so far, the house has NOT rented and we only had one person come by to see the house. We were so excited for this person to see our house. After scrubbing every inch of her, we turned every light on for ambiance. The agent arrived just prior and I quickly gave her a tour so she’d know some of the more unique and convenient aspects of this house.

The couple arrived – they were visiting from Texas because the husband was being transferred here for temporary duty at Langley. Nice couple – very friendly.

The problem was: they didn’t ask to see this house. They came to town looking for something else entirely and the agent asked them to view our house anyway. What a let down. While they loved our house, they didn’t love our neighborhood. I don’t get that at all, but as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Since then, we’ve not shown the house and the phone is quiet.

In a panic, I lowered the rent on the house. I hope that wasn’t dumb. The fact is, we’re investing a huge amount of money into the boat, but will still have to take a loan. And that means, any loss is a big loss for us as my income needs to support the loan, the insurance, the taxes, the maintenance, and everything else that goes into life, you know, like Jack Daniels and grub.

Myrtle Beach, 2018

I find myself a bit in a panic to get this house rented – the boat we want is quite unique and every day that passes is another day that someone else might buy her. I feel steadfast in my decision to wait until this house rents before possibly going into irreversible debt, but am impatient to move forward faster. Decisions are like fickle toddlers: Just when you think you have them figured out, they toss a tantrum your way.

Next: Making a reluctant offer…

Cheers, Lisa

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